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Big business services perfect for small business

Running a business is tough enough as it is. But when you also have to consider the legal and regulatory requirements of hiring and managing employees, as well as their health and safety, the job just gets harder.

That’s where we can help. As one of the world’s largest business services organisations, Stericycle is able to provide its customers with this state-of-the-art online service that removes the hassle and reduces your risk when it comes to your Human Resources and Health & Safety responsibilities.



Employment Manager

Employment tribunals are happening everyday across the UK. The number of applications rose by 26% in the year to March 2016.* As part of one of the leading business services brands in the world, we have the expertise you need to manage your HR responsibilities effectively and help you meet a world of new regulatory challenges.

Employment Manager is a complete HR system that has been designed to ensure that your business complies with all its legal and administrative
responsibilities, with confidence, and to help you prepare you for unexpected events.

And don’t forget, you also get:

  • Contract of Employment template
  • Employee Handbook template
  • Step-by-Step HR and Employment Law Guide
  • Templates for letters, forms, appraisals, disciplinary and HR management

Health & Safety Manager

Every business with five or more staff must legally have a Health & Safety system in place. You also have a legal obligation to have in place a number of formal documents including an official Policy Statement, documenting all your health & safety arrangements.

Health & Safety Manager is a complete solution which provides all the necessary advice, policies, procedures and documentation, 24/7 access to our legal advice helpline and full insurance protection, ensuring your business complies with its legal and administrative responsibilities with confidence.

And don’t forget, you also get:

  • A step-by-step guide covering all Health & Safety regulations and your key legal duties and responsibilities
  • Health & Safety Policies manual and Policy statements
  • Templates including risk assessments, report forms, safety induction training, to monitor and review your arrangements.

Our programme benefits are second-to-none.

All our programmes are easy to access, easy to use, and come with legal expertise included.

  • 24/7 legal advice via telephone with unlimited access
  • Legal expenses and awards insurance
  • An easily-managed annual fee
  • Online access to everything: advice, guides, and documentation
  • Step-by-step implementation guides to get you started
  • Regular content updates reviewed by lawyers
  • Helps keep you in legal and regulatory compliance
  • Comprehensive customer support

Don’t wait! Let us help you manage your employment and health and safety issues so you can get back to what matters. Growing your business.

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* In the year to March 2016 over 83,000 tribunal applications were e in the UK. This compares to 61,308 the previous year.